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Yit Hong had its humble beginnings as a small foodstuff trading business, founded by Mr Ngo Kai Tian and three other partners in Singapore in 1954. Over the course of over 60 years, Yit Hong has grown to become a well-established and reputable food distributor, carrying the popular Narcissus, Ma Ling, Codfo, Pacific and Yifon brands of canned food products in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

Our strong belief in providing customers with value-for-money quality products is evident in the success of the Narcissus canned meat and mushrooms products. The products have consistently achieved the No. 1 market position in Singapore, as measured by The Nielsen Company.

Wanting to meet the growing demand for quality food products that are made from the freshest hand-selected ingredients, we developed a new line under the Yifon brand, providing you with a delicious selection that includes Button Mushrooms, Longans in Syrup, Rambutans stuffed with Pineapples, Topshell and Braised Mackerel in Miso Sauce.  In addition, the Yifon brand also carries tasty vegetarian options for today’s health conscious generation, offering products such as four different types and flavours of bottled mushrooms, and snacks such as Dried Peaches and Roasted Chestnuts

Yit Hong’s success is driven by its reliability in providing customers with the best, be it the safety, the taste consistency, or the value of the products. Over 4 generations of customers have grown up with Yit Hong and are loyal fans of our popular products, such as Narcissus Pork Leg with Mushrooms. As Yit Hong’s Managing Director, Mr Ted SL Ngo, says, “People will pay for quality products if they have trust in the brand.”


Narcissus has consistently maintained its No. 1 market leader position for its Canned Mushrooms and Meat Category. (Information according to Independent Retail Audit by The Nielsen Company)


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